Linda McGovern’s Story


Linda McGovern’s Story

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Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Because you support in-home hospice, Linda's mother was able to stay at home and receive quality end of life care

A middle-aged woman holds a photo of a deceased loved one.

Linda McGovern watched her mother Lidia struggle greatly with her health in the last few years of her life. Thanks to you, Lidia's struggles eased when she entered hospice care.

“My mother had so many ups and downs at the end. She fractured her pelvis. She got COVID and pneumonia," Linda says. "But, she never wanted to go to a nursing home. We were able to keep that promise because of hospice. There’s no way we could have done it without them.”

Your gift to Hospice of the Valley provided in-home hospice services that made it possible for Lidia to remain in her residence. She was able to live comfortably and well cared for thanks to the hospital bed, recliner, oxygen tank and safety equipment.

“I honestly believe my mother lived longer because of the care and equipment that she received from hospice,” Linda says.


“We formed such a special bond with the nurses and staff. They were so informative, compassionate and caring. They were always there when we needed them. It was very comforting knowing that we could rely on them.”

Linda is grateful that your generosity allowed her family to stay together when it mattered most. Even as her health declined, Lidia cherished being among loved ones.

“We really appreciate the fact that there are donors out there who give for hospice,” Linda says. “In the end, my mom was at home and comfortable. We are very appreciative to you for that.”