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Specialized medical care allows people to heal here in our community

Our donors make a difference every day in many ways, large and small. The skilled and compassionate care you expect from Mercy Health is enhanced by gifts to the Mercy Health Foundation Greater Toledo. 

Donations help provide the medical specialties and surgeries that patients need here in northwest Ohio. Having the proper facilities, technology, equipment and medical teams at Mercy Health means people can get highly specialized services without the need to leave the Toledo area for health care.

You can even direct your gift to support one of our areas of specialized medical care.


The need for orthopedic surgery continues to grow and Mercy Health depends on donations to make ongoing investments in a state-of-the-art orthopedic program. The best surgeons in training come to Mercy Health for a robust orthopedic residency. Donations are vital in upgrading to the latest equipment and medical advancements like robotic surgery. Our surgeons and orthopedic medical staff can attend conferences and present their own research to keep their skillset on the leading edge of expertise. With help from donors like you, patients can get the best orthopedic care here in Toledo.

Support Specialized Care

Make world-class orthopedic surgery available in Toledo

Dr. Frank Jaeblon Orthopedic Endowment

A gift to this endowed fund will make a difference for years to come, impacting every patient that needs orthopedic care at Mercy Health. The earnings from the endowed fund provide continued financial support for the orthopedic residency program started by Dr. Jaeblon in 1986.

Orthopedic residencies and fellowships bring the best and brightest surgeons to Mercy Health for valuable training opportunities and to work in our orthopedic program. Talented surgeons-in-training that learn from Mercy Health's skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons mean you and your loved ones have access to the best treatments for conditions of the bones, joints and muscles.

The endowment fund is named in honor of Dr. Jaeblon's lasting legacy in which he mentored 71 physicians through the residency program he created until his retirement in 2023.

Make a Lasting Impact

Invest in the future of orthopedic care for everyone in northwest Ohio

Burn Unit

From the Emergency Department to specialized surgery and rehabilitation services, treating a burn injury requires a team of experts. And our team of experts depends on donors like you for the most advanced medical equipment and training on the latest treatments. With your help, patients can get the best care to recover from all types and severities of burns.

A Gift of Healing

Support expert medical care for patients with burn injuries

Trauma Recovery Center

Children, teens and adults who are suffering from mental health issues or who have been a victim of crime can turn to the Trauma Recovery Center for healing, with support from donors like you. Certified Clinical Trauma Therapists offer compassionate outpatient therapy for PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms of trauma.

Thanks to donations and federal grants, Mercy Health Toledo Trauma Recovery Center is one of the first treatment programs for crime victims in Northwest Ohio. Your donation helps victims and their family members on a journey of restoration and healing by providing: 

  • Trauma-focused counseling and therapy
  • Legal and court advocacy
  • Safety planning
  • Emergency resources for housing, transportation, clothing, food and other basic needs
  • Screening for PTSD or substance abuse, with referral to treatment options
  • Group therapy for bereavement
  • Bedside counseling and support for those hospitalized for trauma-related injuries
  • Many other services to help victims of trauma or crime and their loved ones

Give Compassionately

Show your care and concern for victims of crime and those recovering from trauma