Mental Health

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Support services that help people heal in mind, body and spirit

Help a person heal from the wounds that can't be seen

With support from donors, a full range of services can help people overcome mental health conditions

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. When a person is plagued by mental health challenges, it affects their entire wellbeing. Charitable giving for mental and behavioral health programs is crucial in providing comforting spaces to receive care and resources that support patients throughout their recovery.

Behavioral Health Institute

Donations for the Behavioral Health Institute at Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital provide crucial funding for a full range of treatment options and psychological care. When people are experiencing changes in mental or behavioral health, your gift ensures a variety of screenings and inpatient and outpatient behavioral and mental health services are available and provided by caring licensed specialists.

Give Compassionate Help

Ensure everyone gets the care they need to heal: mind, body and spirit

Suicide Prevention

Thanks to ongoing support from donors like you, Mercy Health Foundation sponsors a county coalition dedicated to suicide prevention. Educational programs and activities in local schools across Lucas County bring awareness to warning signs and resources for help.

Donations also help Mercy Health staff receive training and support for Critical Incident Stress Management. Crisis intervention tactics are useful in the aftermath of a traumatic event to help staff learn resilience during times of high stress and to cope with physical or psychological symptoms from trauma exposure.

Save a Life

Support services that give hope and comfort to people who feel hopeless