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Every young person deserves the chance to pursue their best life

Your support means children and students can access health and education resources to thrive

Children are a precious gift and hold the keys to our collective future. Every young person needs dependable health care, a quality education and other support to grow and pursue their dreams. Your support for one of our youth-focused programs can make all the difference for a young person trying to overcome hardships and embrace opportunities for a better life.

Trauma Recovery Center

Children, teens and adults who are suffering from mental health issues or who have been a victim of crime can turn to the Trauma Recovery Center for healing, with support from donors like you. Certified Clinical Trauma Therapists offer compassionate outpatient therapy for PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms of trauma.

Thanks to donations and federal grants, Mercy Health Toledo Trauma Recovery Center is one of the first treatment programs for crime victims in Northwest Ohio. Your donation helps victims and their family members on a journey of restoration and healing by providing: 

  • Trauma-focused counseling and therapy
  • Legal and court advocacy
  • Safety planning
  • Emergency resources for housing, transportation, clothing, food and other basic needs
  • Screening for PTSD or substance abuse, with referral to treatment options
  • Group therapy for bereavement
  • Bedside counseling and support for those hospitalized for trauma-related injuries
  • Many other services to help victims of trauma or crime and their loved ones

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Show your care and concern for victims of crime and those recovering from trauma

Champions for Children Giving Circle

Make a difference in the lives of children and students in our community with an annual tax-deductible membership gift of at least $400. Champions for Children members are invited to special networking events and receive updates from Mercy Health leaders about the hospital and Mercy College of Ohio.

Once a year, Champions for Children membership giving is pooled and members collectively select a priority project that addresses the needs of children and families that turn to Mercy Health for support or for initiatives that benefit students of Mercy College of Ohio. When you stand with other Champions for Children members, you make a greater impact together.

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Your $400 gift makes you a champion for children, their families and Mercy College of Ohio students