Rehabilitation Services

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Nobody wants to be sidelined by a medical condition, injury or surgery

Our rehabilitation and therapy services help people reach their full physical potential

Gifts from donors allow Mercy Health to continually invest in updates to patient care areas and new techniques, equipment and training for our rehabilitation therapists and staff. Our comprehensive teams help people strengthen muscles, improve mobility, resume physical activity after an illness or surgery and get back to living in the best way possible.

Mercy Health depends on donations to provide fresh, modern spaces for patient services the latest equipment for Sports Medicine. Sports Medicine offers orthopedics, physical therapy, sports medicine, wellness, nutrition and more.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Our donor-supported 24-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit within Mercy Health's Springfield Regional Medical Center helps people heal, grow stronger and improve their abilities in the hospital with round-the-clock nursing care when rehabilitating at home isn't an option. Patients get the medical care and therapies they need to confidently return home.

Donations to the Foundation help enhance the inpatient rehabilitation unit by updating equipment and making needed renovations to patient rooms, therapy spaces and public areas. With support from donors like you, patients will soon receive therapy in a space that looks like a town where they can practice real life skills, like stepping through a door, grocery shopping, pumping gas, sitting in a restaurant booth and more.

Improve Lives

Help people get inpatient therapy in a modern, comfortable environment

Mercy Health Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Wellness

When an injury or condition affects mobility, many people need outpatient therapy and rehabilitation services to recover and restore function. Donations to the Foundation help support a number of orthopedic and rehab services that Mercy Health provides in Springfield and Urbana.

Your gift helps Mercy Health continue to increase these services to meet growing demand within our community, ensuring high quality medical care and therapies are available close to home. Donations are used for needs that arise, like therapy tables and other equipment, walking tracks, training for staff and more.

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Ensure top quality orthopedic and rehab care for Springfield's growing needs

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