Rehabilitation Services

Step Up for Healing

Help people improve their quality of life and independence

Nobody wants to be sidelined by a medical condition, injury or surgery

Our rehabilitation and therapy services help people reach their full physical potential

Gifts for Rehabilitation Services allow Mercy Health Foundation Irvine to invest in updates to inpatient and outpatient rehab care areas. Our teams help people strengthen muscles, improve mobility, resume physical activity after an illness or surgery and get back to living in the best way possible. Patients have a full complement of services here in Irvine that include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Our Swing Bed unit provides rehabilitation therapies while a patient is in the hospital for inpatient medical care so they can also receive the medications and antibiotics needed to heal.

Marcum and Wallace Hospital depends on donations to provide the therapy equipment and technology that helps people regain their independence, safely care for themselves at home and return to the activities they love.

Helping People Heal, Close to Home

The Rehabilitation Services we provide depend on equipment that needs to be replaced every few years and new therapies that improve the options to help people heal. Donations to Mercy Health Foundation Irvine for Rehabilitation Services allow the hospital to make needed upgrades to the equipment and spaces where patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Lend a Hand

Your gift helps people regain their strength and independence