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Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

Rehab therapy here in Irvine helps Ronald overcome the effects of a stroke

After Ronald Mullins survived a massive stroke, he and his wife, Jessica, knew he would need a lot of help to recover from the physical effects on his body and brain. Because of your support, Ronald is getting specialized therapy right within his own community to help him heal.

“All we knew is that he needed immediate and intensive therapy to recover,” Jessica recalls. “At first Ronald and his therapist worked on personal self-care tasks. He was able to improve motor control, hand function and learned new strategies to help manage the changes associated with his stroke.”

Jessica is relieved that your support means Ronald can be cared for close to home and is on a positive path toward recovery. It has allowed her to keep working as the principal at Estill Springs Elementary School.


“It is so comforting to know that he can receive such quality and caring therapy in our community.”


“The staff at Marcum and Wallace Hospital became an extension of our family. They have cheered and cried with us along the way,” she says. “He continues to work hard every day to improve his speech, cognitive deficits and create new learning pathways. Having that care close to home is a blessing!”

“Because of you, Marcum and Wallace Hospital has equipped Ronald with the support and motivation he needs.”