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Strengthening the bonds of community in West Baltimore

Your donation ensures neighbors have a place to live, gather and get life-improving resources

With help from donations and grants, Bon Secours invests millions of dollars in West Baltimore each year to provide programs, services and facilities that address the needs of people in the community. When you give to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation, you ensure our housing developments are well-maintained and secure for the families and people who live there. You provide modern conveniences and ongoing maintenance for our facilities that are open to the community. And you help Bon Secours respond to evolving local needs with investments in new centers and neighborhood revitalization projects. Because of donors like you, residents have modern, updated places to live, play, learn and work, close to home.

Community Resource Center

The 20,000 square-foot Community Resource Center on S. Payson Street offers West Baltimore residents a number of services and amenities under one roof. Thanks to donations, Bon Secours Community Works can offer youth services, workforce development, economic development and programs for both adults and children.

  • Financial wellbeing center
  • Community Job Hub
  • Art room and media library
  • Basketball gym and fitness studios
  • Health care training room
  • Rooftop garden

Invest in People

Give people the help they need to lead better, healthier lives

Affordable Housing

Thanks to grants and donations from compassionate, caring donors like you, Bon Secours provides over 800 affordable housing units in eight developments across West Baltimore. A place to live is a basic need and a fundamental element of wellness and security. Individuals, families, seniors and people with disabilities can depend on Bon Secours' community housing because of our donors.

And because residents' needs often extend beyond a place to live, each housing development has Resident Service Coordinators to help people with household supplies, food and medical services they can't afford on their own. Coordinators also arrange on-site activities, assist residents with seeking employment and connect people with other Bon Secours and community services.

Lend a Hand

Give people an affordable place to call home in West Baltimore

Neighborhood Revitalization

Baltimore is the home town of Bon Secours and we take pride in helping to steward and beautify West Baltimore communities. Thanks to donations from individuals and businesses, we can help improve local neighborhoods through investments like:

  • Urban farm and community garden
  • Mobile farmers market
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Reviving open spaces
  • Community events

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Make West Baltimore a vibrant community for all neighbors

Featured Story

associate donor | Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Chanie’s Story

Chanie Carlton is inspired to give to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation because she sees the good works that result from giving. She hears how people's position in life is improved because of the help they receive. She sees the changes in West Baltimore because of how donations are used by Bon Secours to invest in the community.

Featured News

news | Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Community Resource Center opens in West Baltimore

The Bon Secours Community Resource Center in West Baltimore restores an essential gathering space in the Boyd-Booth neighborhood. Your donations to the Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation's campaign for the Community Resource Center provided funding to complete the building.