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Bon Secours Community Works uses donations to revitalize neighborhoods and offer services that improve the quality of life for all residents 


Thousands of people turn to Community Works each year for opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. Those most in need get assistance to better care for themselves and their families. And we partner with and work alongside residents and local leaders to ensure that our programs contribute to long-term economic and social viability.

If you have a passion for helping people in need, your donation to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation makes a difference for thousands of people whose wellbeing depends on Community Works outreach programs.

Community Works

Bon Secours Community Works is the community development arm of Bon Secours in Baltimore and depends on donations and grants to continue providing services that help more than 4,000 residents each year and improve the local quality of life.

Donations to Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation designated for Community Works support a broad array of vital programs focused on economic development, youth and family services and housing and community development. Through charitable giving, Community Works can address the most pressing needs of West Baltimore and its residents of all ages.

Some of the services offered by Bon Secours Community Works include:

  • Community Resource Center
  • Early Head Start
  • Community School Coordinators
  • Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Women, Infants & Children Center
  • Healthcare training
  • Clean & Green Workforce Training
  • Returning Citizens
  • Financial & Employment Services
  • Food Access & Urban Farming

Invest in West Baltimore

Ensure resources that improve quality of life for all neighbors

Financial Services

Despite their best efforts, sometimes people need help with even the basics like safe housing. Our Financial Services Fund helps people keep a home so they can stay employed or find work to care for themselves and their family. Just as important as the help in an emergency, helping people learn the skills to budget, save and make smart decisions with their money gives them a chance to get ahead long-term. 

Some of the resources provided by donations to our Financial Services Fund include: 

  • Eviction prevention assistance
  • Low-cost tax preparation services
  • Financial literacy training

Make an Impact

Give people the tools to thrive

Community Resource Center

The 20,000 square-foot Community Resource Center on S. Payson Street offers West Baltimore residents a number of services and amenities under one roof. Thanks to donations, Bon Secours Community Works can offer youth services, workforce development, economic development and programs for both adults and children.

  • Financial wellbeing center
  • Community Job Hub
  • Art room and media library
  • Basketball gym and fitness studios
  • Health care training room
  • Rooftop garden

Invest in People

Give people the help they need to lead better, healthier lives

Career Development

Bon Secours Community Works offers a number of programs to help people learn in-demand skills and gain work experience that will help them secure employment and career growth. Job placement services help people search and apply for work opportunities. 

Because of donations, these services are available to help people become more financially independent and improve quality of life for themselves and their family. Some of the career development resources available to West Baltimore residents include:

  • GED training
  • Healthcare training and certifications
  • Clean & Green Workforce Training for landscaping and gardening skills
  • Occupational training and job placement

Invest in Success

Help people develop new skills for better employment

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Program

Bon Secours Community Works' Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Program helps teens find summer employment and opportunities to develop the skills to succeed in their future careers.

Your gift helps provide a much-needed summer or after-school job for a teen in West Baltimore. Internships and other opportunities offer exposure to a variety of industries and help youth develop the skills to enter the workforce or launch their own business. 

Lend a Hand

Help young people become the business leaders of tomorrow

Returning Citizens

Bon Secours Community Works can help people reintegrate into the community after being incarcerated. Thanks to donations, resources are available to help people get their life back on track.

  • Life skills
  • Job skills for employment
  • Job placement assistance
  • Support services
  • Housing assistance
  • Case management

Lend a Hand

Ensure people have every chance for success after incarceration

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