William’s Story


William’s Story

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Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

You helped William get a fresh start after prison

When William Dempsey went to prison, he was a 17-year-old facing a 30-year sentence. During that time, he helped create programs for gang and violence prevention for his fellow inmates.

He knew that reentering society would be a challenge.

“Coming home is scary,” he says. “You already have a title on you, and people already have a stereotype of you.”

After nearly two decades behind bars, William found a program that would provide him the support he needed when he was released. Thanks to your generosity, William was able to benefit from the Returning Citizens Program through Bon Secours Community Works, a life-changing resource only available because of our donors’ generous support.

William knew he could not let his new support team down.


"Returning Citizens gave me skills, and skills build confidence. They helped me build a resume, coached me for interviews and gave me my first suit."


“Their help made me feel like I was not alone,” he says. “When you have people who are willing to stand up for you, it makes you want to fight harder.”

William is so thankful for Returning Citizens that he eventually got a job with the program and now helps others like him get back on their feet after prison.

“I think that Returning Citizens is the bridge that shows people that there is change, but you have to put the work in,” he says. “Everything I do now comes from an urgency to be better, because I have no room to go backward.”