Meet Rosalie Wilkins

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Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Your gift helps Rosalie and her friends stay healthy and free of diabetes

As a senior citizen, Rosalie Wilkins knows the importance of staying healthy. Thanks to your gift to the Stepping Out program, Rosalie and her friends are doing just that.

Rosalie has been in the program since the beginning. Stepping Out offers free fitness programs to Youngstown and Mahoning Valley neighbors who may not be able to access or afford health club memberships. Your support makes the program available in areas where residents can get to them by walking or using public transportation.

“I’ve been at it since the program started,” Rosalie said. “I would exercise before, but once I started at Stepping Out I became much more conscious of my health—not only exercising, but how I was eating, too. I weigh almost 75 pounds less than when I started.”

Rosalie attributes part of her success with the program to the social aspect of it.


“Exercising by yourself is no fun. It’s so much easier to keep it up when you have friends there, and you are cheering each other on to stay healthy together.”


Stepping Out has many options to choose from when it comes to exercising. Rosalie appreciates how it encourages young adults in the community to participate.

“It’s great to see younger people also using the program to stay healthy and reduce the chances of developing diabetes.”

“Diabetes is a problem in the African-American population. I don’t have it because I’ve learned how to eat right and take care of myself, thanks to this program.”