Meet Wesley Prout

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Wesley supports Mercy Health because Mercy Health supports his business and community

As a small business owner in Youngstown, Wesley Prout believes it’s important for his family and his business to support those who believe in their business. As a longtime service provider for Mercy Health, Prout Boiler has been a critical part of keeping those facilities running.

But one project hit Wesley and the Prout family close to home.

“While we were working with the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Wesley recalls.


“We thought it was a good opportunity for us to get involved a bit deeper.”


His continued support of the Mercy Health Foundation reflects those beliefs. In addition to supporting breast cancer treatment, he also donated to the COVID Memorial.

“Mercy Health doesn’t just provide health care, they provide quality-of-life care for a lot of different people,” he says. “It’s a natural thing to support that, at least from our perspective.”