Isabel Valadez’s Story

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Mercy Health - Lorain, OH

A Rising Stars internship inspired Isabel’s love of physical therapy, thanks to you

In high school, Isabel Valadez started to dream of a future in health care. But it wasn’t until her mother came home from work one day with news of an exciting internship program that her dream began to take shape.

Isabel’s mother told her about the Rising Stars medical internship program at Mercy Health. Thanks to Mercy Health Foundation Lorain and donors like you, high school students selected for internships get a firsthand view of many areas within the health care field.

“When I first entered the program, I was all over the place,” Isabel says. “First, I wanted to be a pediatrician. Then a cardiologist.”


“Shadowing at Mercy allowed me to shape my perspective and the direction I wanted to go. I just fell in love with the field of physical therapy and how we are movement experts.”


Today, Isabel is pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy at Bowling Green State University. She credits donors who support the Rising Stars program with putting her on the right career path.

“Rising Stars taught me to be confident in myself. When I started, I was shy and afraid to take risks. Because of this program and the sacrifices and support of my parents, I am able to dream and have goals and opportunities.”