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Mercy Health - Lorain, OH

Resource Mothers helps Xiomara take better care of her children, because of you

Xiomara Rivera Franco has a long list of ways the Resource Mothers program has helped her provide for her sons.

“They helped me with Christmas—clothing, a crib, mattress and toys,” she said. “Every time that my Resource Mother visits, she brings something we need.”

Caring for babies can be expensive and Xiomara says her small family can’t provide much support.

“I only have three family members here and they work, so I really don’t get help with my kids,” she said. “Trying to stick with one job is hard, especially with daycare.”

“Resource Mothers helping me when I don’t have a job is great, especially with diapers and wipes because they are expensive.”


“Thank you. You don’t know how much Resource Mothers has helped, especially when I really don’t have anyone in my corner.”


Your donations and support for Resource Mothers means that Xiomara doesn’t only receive monetary help. She and her Resource Mother, Cristina, have formed a strong bond throughout her time with the program that's given her companionship.

“We’ve gotten close over these past few years,” she says. “I’ve invited her to my sons’ birthday parties, and she’s brought her daughters. She’s helped me find a new apartment, and I just used her as a reference for a new job.”

Xiomara is grateful that your support of Resource Mothers means she has the support and resources she needs to be a great mother.

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Resource Mothers helps take care of Xiomara and her children

The donor-funded program provides baby care items, parenting education and ongoing support and encouragement for moms like Xiomara. Today, Xiomara calls her designated Resource Mother, Cristina, family. Listen to her describe her experience with this vital program in her own words.