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Your gift to the Peer Recovery Program helped Bethany get into recovery and stay sober

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Bethany Porter grew up in an environment where substance abuse was common. She saw many of her family members living with addiction.

“I’ve been in the scene my whole life—I didn’t know normal,” she says.

In her late teens, a close family member offered her a pill—an opioid. That was the start of a 13-year battle with drugs. Bethany says she only got clean because of a four-year prison sentence. Prison forced her to stay clean, but after being released, Bethany relapsed.

By that time, she had two children, was pregnant with a third and sick. She knew she had to get sober.

“I started calling every rehab, Googling anything and everything I could find,” she says. Finally, she came across Mercy Health’s Peer Recovery Program.

“My Peer was the only one that led me in the right direction,” Bethany says.

My Peer helped her get into treatment and has been by her side ever since.

“I’m not saying I want to use, but on my bad days all I got to do is pick up a phone or show up and they’re there. It’s like they are my family,” Bethany says.

Your giving supports the Peer Recovery Program that Bethany credits with saving her life. It helped her get clean and stay clean. Thanks to you.

“I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without their help and they’re amazing. Thank you. And keep doing what you’re doing because you are saving lives.”
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Your donations saved Bethany's life and the life of her child

Although she contacted many rehab programs, Mercy Health My Peer was the only one who answered the call. Your gifts to the Peer Recovery Program help people in the Mahoning Valley recover from addiction. Listen to Bethany's story in her own words.