Meet Dr. Naito

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Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Dr. Naito gives to Mercy Health Foundation because he knows what excellent health care looks like

As a medical professional, Dr. Herbert Naito knows excellent care when he sees it.

Excellent care is what he saw, and received, at Mercy Health—St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital after suffering a stroke.

“I am exceedingly appreciative of the skills of the medical staff," he says.


"I will always be thankful for their efficient and effective care, and their gracious support."


Dr. Naito is a regular donor to the Mercy Health Foundation. He gives to hospice care, the Greatest Needs Fund and to hospital mission funds. He recently decided to make the Foundation a beneficiary in his will with a planned gift that will make a significant impact on patient care.

“What really stood out was the conscientious and compassionate care. I always felt I was part of one big family,” he says. “I’m always willing to donate to help with their successful mission.”