Louie Free’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

You provided the dental care Louie desperately needed

Talk radio personality Louie Free can smile spontaneously and without embarrassment because of your generosity.

“My teeth were a mess, and I was always very self-conscious about it,” Louie says. “I would talk with my hand over my mouth.”

Because many of his teeth were loose, Louie was hesitant to brush them, worried they might fall out. Once, he accidentally glued a decades-old bridge to the roof of his mouth when he inserted it before the glue he was using to hold it together was completely dry.

Because of you, those days are behind him. After years of hiding his teeth and struggling to eat, he made an appointment at the donor-supported Mercy Health Dental Clinic in Youngstown, which provides dental care to anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Dentists there developed a plan to restore Louie’s smile.


“It was a great experience,” Louie says. “It’s wonderful to have this dental clinic here in Youngstown. I’m incredibly grateful. And I can smile!”


“I was just so amazed at the work they do,” he says. “They were going to do this and this and this, and my head was spinning. I didn’t understand it all, but it sounded good,” he chuckles.

After his smile was restored, Louie says he couldn’t wait to show his family.

“My wife started crying and calling me ‘Mr. Grin’ because I was going around with a big, big smile. I’m just so grateful to the donors who make this clinic available with their gifts to Mercy Health Foundation.”