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Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Your gift adds flavor to Gail's retirement years with healthy cooking classes

Cooking Classes

Gail Halstead retired from her nursing career, but that didn’t mean she wanted to stop learning. Thanks to you, she still gets to have new experiences with healthy cooking classes supported by your donation.

“When you are retired, you’re always looking for something new to do,” says Gail. “This class is something I can do with people from other senior programs in the community. It is a great way to socialize with friends.”

Community outreach programs funded by your contribution focus on improving the overall community health. Gail's cooking class does that by teaching her how to prepare food in healthy ways, and introducing her to foods she may not be familiar with.

“It’s a good community program and shows folks how to eat healthy and cook vegetables they may not be used to. It is well worth the investment by donors.”


“I’ve always loved vegetables and try to include them in my diet,” Gail says. “But there are other healthy foods I hadn’t tried and didn’t know how to cook before, like tofu.”

Not only do community members learn how to cook the food, they get to take enough home for several meals.

“We make huge portions,” she says. “It’s nice to be able to take food home and have leftovers.”

Gail is grateful to have a program like this that touches so many community members. “There is a wonderful range of ages and people from different backgrounds that attend,” she says.