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Thanks to you, the Fatherhood Support program helps Flight learn good parenting skills

A young Black family, with Mom, Dad, and four children, pose for the camera.

Flight J. Clinkscale was a bit insecure about being a new father. He grew up without a consistent male role model in his life, but he knows one thing. He wants to be the best father he can be for his children.

Your support of Mercy Health’s Fatherhood Support program is helping Flight prepare for the responsibilities of taking care of his children throughout their stages of development. He learned about the program from his wife, who joined Mercy Health’s Resource Mothers program when she was expecting their first child together.


“The education part is everything. You cannot ever stop learning how to become better as a father.”


The Fatherhood Support program teaches Flight everything from child nutrition to car seat safety. It also offers young and first-time fathers the opportunity to meet and discuss parenting challenges.

“It’s like having a best friend that you can talk to—something like a counselor—when you need that mature guidance. I’m very grateful for this amazing program. Every father needs to be in it.”

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You help young men like Flight become the best dads they can be

Donations to the Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley help fund the Fatherhood Support Program, which sets new fathers up for success. Watch Flight Clinkscale discuss the program in his own words.