Kay’s Story

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Bon Secours - Baltimore, MD

Donors saved Kay from being homeless

After Kay Frances Miller’s husband passed away, all the burdens from their life together fell on her. She found it harder and harder to make ends meet by herself, and she soon faced the very real possibility of homelessness. Donations to Bon Secours Foundation rescued her from a dire situation.


“I'd probably be out on the street trying to find a place to live if not for Bon Secours. As a kid, I had to worry about where I was going to live. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Now, I feel comfortable, and I’m very thankful.”


Bon Secours Community Works in West Baltimore is committed to helping seniors, low-income families and people with disabilities find affordable housing. But they can’t do it without support from Bon Secours Foundation donors.

“I stay by myself, but even though I’m alone, I feel safe. It’s just beautiful. I like everything about my apartment and I’m just happy being there,” she says.

Not only does your donation provide safe, clean, affordable housing for people with no other options, it also provides resources to help tenants get the most out of their lives. Resident Service Coordinators like Sterling Brunson help Kay find transportation to her medical appointments and assists her with technology so she can stay in touch with her family out of state.

“Mr. Sterling is very nice. He explains everything to me. I depend on him, you know, to help me. And he does. He helps all of us in the building out a whole lot, and we really appreciate everything that Bon Secours does for us.”