Rehabilitation Services

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Help improve quality of life for patients of all ages

Nobody wants to be sidelined by a medical condition, injury or surgery

You can help people reach their full physical potential with a gift for rehabilitation and therapy services

When an injury, condition or surgery affects mobility, many people need therapy and rehabilitation services to recover and restore function. Donations to the Foundation support a number of inpatient, outpatient and in-home rehab services that Mercy Health provides in the Mahoning Valley.

Your gift helps Mercy Health increase services to meet growing demand within our community, ensuring the latest and most effective therapies are available close to home. Donations can be used for updates to patient care areas, new treatment techniques, the latest therapy equipment and medical technology, and training for our rehabilitation therapists and staff.

Each donation helps people strengthen muscles, improve mobility, resume physical activity after an illness or surgery and get back to living in the best way possible.

Help People Return to the Activities They Love

Nobody wants to be sidelined by an injury, stroke or medical condition that affects their ability to move. Your donation for rehabilitation services helps people gain the strength and stability they need to have the best quality of life possible.

Improve Quality of Life

Help people get the best therapies to fully heal