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When you give to Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley's scholarship fund, you're investing in the medical professionals that will care for you and your loved ones in the years ahead. Helping students complete their education ensures high quality health care is always available and makes the Mahoning Valley a better, healthier place to live.

The Foundation provides a number of scholarships for students within health care fields like nursing and at many of the colleges and universities in northeast Ohio. Some of our scholarships are dedicated to Mercy Health associates or their children. Others are open to any student and for many fields of study. Ongoing support from our donors broadens the reach of scholarships and builds a skilled, compassionate health care workforce.

Pay It Forward

Maybe you feel blessed by your career and success. Or you remember some hard times as a struggling student. You can give back by supporting the Foundation's scholarship fund. You will help a student stay focused on learning instead of worrying about their next tuition payment.

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Help people prepare for a career in health care with quality education

Featured Story

donor | Mercy Health - Youngstown, OH

Mike Senchak’s Story

Mike started at Mercy Health St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital as an orderly before pursuing nursing. Today, his scholarship helps take financial stress off new nursing students.