Invest in the Future

Support training for the next generation of healing hands and caring hearts.

Well-trained and highly skilled medical professionals are the heart of great health care

Educational opportunities keep our team and future medical professionals on the cutting edge of medical advancements to expertly care for you and your family

Your support for staff professional development and nursing education is an investment in quality health care that makes Richmond a better, healthier community. Health care is constantly changing and our team is dedicated to keeping pace, to be the best and brightest at delivering life-saving care you depend on.

Your gift will provide educational programs, training for certifications and other opportunities for Bon Secours staff to continuously improve their skills and expertise. And your donation to one of our colleges will prepare future generations of nurses and medical professionals for a career of compassionate service.

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Future nurses are trained in technical skills and building caring relationships with patients at our College of Nursing. The compassionate care you expect is shared by one generation of nurses to the next, with more than 73 percent of Memorial College of Nurses going on to work at a Bon Secours hospital or medical practice.

We depend on donors like you to offer faith-based nursing education, clinical experiences and mission outreach opportunities for all students. Donations provide scholarships, innovate programs, enhance campus facilities and support faculty to provide a top-notch education for the next generation of nursing professionals.

You can even designate your gift to a specific scholarship fund, program or initiative.

Support Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Today's nursing students are the compassionate caregivers
of tomorrow

Southside College of Health Sciences

Healthcare education today involves much more than the transfer of information and technical skills to the student. The faculty and staff of Southside College of Health Sciences are committed to providing a high-quality environment which fosters student success through institutional integrity, ethical practices and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Donations provide financial relief to students seeking Associate Degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiologic Technology and Registered Nursing. Gifts to SCHS also provide funding to support capital needs so that the College may expand enrollment.

Support Southside College of Health Sciences

Help students attain skills that will improve their communities

Nursing Excellence Fund

Our nurses are committed to continuously improving their expertise so you can always expect the very best health care at Bon Secours. Donations to the Nursing Excellence Fund support advanced training, education and certification for our professional nursing workforce.

There is no better way to show your gratitude for the great care you've received than donating to the Nursing Excellence Fund. Your gift means each nurse has opportunities to learn, grow and advance in the nursing profession so you and your loved ones get the skilled and compassionate care you depend on at Bon Secours.

Give Back for Great
Health Care

Treating you well with well-trained staff

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