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From routine screenings like mammograms and bone density to x-rays and MRIs for diagnosing injuries and illnesses, you want the best technology and the most experienced staff to monitor your health. We depend on the generosity of donors to help us maintain a full complement of the latest state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

After all, early detection and proper diagnosis save lives and get you or your loved ones on the path to a full recovery. If you're passionate about ensuring the best health care resources are available here in Hampton Roads, please consider donating to our Imaging Services & Radiology programs. Bon Secours will be here when you need us!


Breast health is a concern for women of all ages and early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer. We depend on donors like you to provide state-of-the-art imaging technology like 3D mammography which helps detect cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages.

Mammography services in Hampton Roads, Virginia, are located at Bon Secours Women's Imaging Center at DePaul in Norfolk and the Millie Lancaster Women's Imaging Center at Harbour View Medical Center in Suffolk.

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Mammography helps people have a fighting chance against breast cancer

Featured Story

Sandra trusts Bon Secours to monitor her recovery from cancer

Donations to Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation paid for the new 3D mammography technology at the Women's Imaging Center that detected Sandra Fuller's breast cancer at an early, treatable stage.