Rehabilitation Services

Lend a Hand

Help improve quality of life for patients of all ages

Nobody wants to be sidelined by a medical condition, injury or surgery

Our rehabilitation and therapy services help adults and adolescents reach their full physical potential

Gifts from donors allow Bon Secours to continually invest in new techniques, equipment and training for our rehabilitation therapists and cardiac rehab staff. Our comprehensive teams help people strengthen muscles, improve mobility, resume physical activity after a heart-related illness or surgery and get back to living in the best way possible.

Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy depends on donations to provide the latest equipment for outpatient clinics across Hampton Roads. In Motion clinics offer physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy, sports rehab and performance, fitness, nutrition, weight loss programs and more.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Resuming physical activity after a heart-related issue or surgical procedure can be challenging. Cardiac rehabilitation is an important part of healing, using education and closely monitored exercise to help people safely improve their fitness.

Cardiac rehab depends on a range of equipment and monitoring devices during patients' workouts. Donations to Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation are used to update exercise machines, vital sign monitoring equipment, EKGs, defibrillators, crash carts and other tools people depend on to safely exercise.

Heal Hearts and Save Lives

Your gift will help people recover from a heart condition

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