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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

John is active and healthy after a heart procedure, thanks to you

When it comes to rehab care, this wasn’t John Meagher’s first rodeo.

“I’ve probably had more hours in rehab than most people live. Knees, shoulders, stents: you name it, I’ve rehabbed it. This time around, I had an exceptionally good group of friendly, caring people.”

Following a TAVR procedure to replace a narrowed aortic valve, John was sent to the Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

The heart rehab team at Maryview focuses on exercise conditioning, strength training, breathing retraining, nutritional counseling and emotional support services.

Though he’d been there many years ago, this time was different thanks to donors like you.

“They’ve improved their facility and their equipment so much since the last time I was here,” he said.


“It’s just great. Every facility is different, and every facility has its own personality. And this particular one is 110% ideal for someone my age with all the medical problems I’ve got.”


Thanks to your gift, John enjoys his regular rehab appointments. And now charitable gifts have helped to open a new cardiac rehab unit at Mary Immaculate Hospital.

“Most people don’t realize donors help fund things like this, and I’m awfully grateful to have it,” he said. “I still have my good days and my bad days, but at 80 years of age, any day you can get up and move around is a good day.”