Facilities & Improvements

Make an Impact

Enhance patient care and modern facilities for people in the Greenville area

Modern comforts and updated spaces for the patient care you deserve

Donations allow Bon Secours to make ongoing improvements, renovations and add new facilities to provide Greenville with the best health care possible

Bon Secours operates two hospitals and a number of specialty areas, clinics, physician offices and points of care across the broader Greenville area. Generous donations make critical funding available to keep pace with needed updates.

A fresh facelift for the spaces where our patients receive care and visitors wait for loved ones provides added comfort and a better patient experience. A comfortable waiting room, a calming chapel, a bright lobby, a modern private hospital room. Your donation means our top-notch facilities always match the high-quality care our team provides to every patient.

Bon Secours Diane Collins Neuroscience Institute

Our Neuroscience Institute brings a variety of services to one convenient location on the Millennium campus. Donations to the St. Francis Foundation are important for ongoing upkeep, operational needs and to enhance the Institute's provided services that include medical offices, imaging, infusion center, therapy services, a gym and daily living simulator. 

The Institute is named for well-known volunteer, Diane Collins, who battled Parkinson's for many years. Her family made a generous gift in her honor to help launch the Neuroscience Institute at St. Francis.

Make a Difference

Support compassionate neurological care here in Greenville

Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Health

Women can find everything they need for their breast health under one roof on the campus of St. Francis Eastside. From annual mammograms using the latest 3D technology to experienced specialists for more complex breast issues, donations are vital for providing the Upstate with the most cutting edge and compassionate care available.  

Save Lives

Support early detection and treatments that help women prevent and beat breast cancer

Mack Pazdan Neonatal Care Unit

When newborn babies are very sick or premature, our highly skilled team at the Mack Pazdan NCU is here to care for them. Donations are crucial in keeping our Level II NCU and maternity center updated and comfortable for families, help purchase the latest specialized equipment, ensure staff are trained in the latest treatments and provide other services that support parents with a baby in the NCU.

Named in honor of a beloved board member and volunteer, friends and family of Mack Pazdan gave to the NCU in honor of her years of service and passion for St. Francis. Thanks to donations like theirs and yours, the NCU saves lives and gives babies a chance at a bright future.

Save an Infant

Ensure the best life-saving medical care is available for newborns

St. Francis Cancer Center

Bon Secours depends on donations to ensure Greenville is a destination for the best life-saving cancer care with St. Francis's special touch of faith and compassion. The Millennium campus is home to the freestanding outpatient Cancer Center with its full complement of cancer services and experts, allowing patients to stay close to their home and loved ones. The Cancer Center treats many types of cancer including solid tumors, blood cancers and blood disorders. Donations ensure the Cancer Center has the most advanced equipment, facilities and spiritual support to help people throughout their cancer journey.

Cancer Center services include:

  • Chemotherapy and infusion
  • Radiation treatment
  • Clinical trials
  • Lab
  • Physician offices
  • Boutique
  • Retail pharmacy
  • Education and meeting rooms

Give for Cancer Care

Support compassionate cancer services that save lives

Christy Henson Orthopedic Fund

Named in memory of a beloved orthopedic nurse who died of cancer, the Christy Henson Orthopedic Fund supports any emerging equipment and tangible needs that improve the quality of orthopedic care for patients. Donations also support the orthopedic services staff by providing training and professional development, wellness programs and social interactions for mental wellbeing.

Pay it Forward

Ensure the best medical team and orthopedic care are available for patients

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