The Campaign for

Graduate Medical Education Physician Residency

Invest in the Future of Great Health Care

Give to Graduate Medical Education to train and recruit the doctors we will all depend on for years to come

Invest in Greenville's best and brightest future physicians

With your help, Bon Secours St. Francis will launch a new accredited GME resident physician training program

Recruiting highly skilled physicians to Greenville has never been more important, as our area faces an oncoming shortage of doctors to care for a community that is quickly growing and an aging population that has greater health care needs. The demand for more doctors is increasing as a wave of physicians start to retire, adding further urgency to a critical situation.

The solution? A new Graduate Medical Education program (GME) at St. Francis will recruit, train and keep dozens of primary care physicians in the Upstate area.  But we need your help!

Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation depends on generous, caring people like you to step up for the future of health care by supporting the fundraising campaign for Graduate Medical Education. Your gift is an investment that will make a difference for you, your family, your neighbors and our entire community. Everyone depends on quality medical care and highly skilled physicians at some point in their lives.


Ensure a future of exceptional health care for our community by launching residencies in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine and creating GME working spaces to recruit and train students completing their medical education.


$2 million

Charitable giving will help Bon Secours create the GME program, employ outstanding educators for rigorous academics and clinical experiences, build and equip the spaces for learning and administering the program, and create scholarships and fellowships to attract the best young physicians in the nation.


With successful fundraising, Bon Secours will initially offer 12 internal medicine residencies and 8 family medicine residencies to the most talented students who have completed three years of medical school. That's 20 of the best and brightest doctors every year who may be inspired to make the Upstate their forever home.

Campaign Details

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GME Program Importance

Medical residency creates a pipeline of doctors for Greenville's growing health care needs

Graduate Medical Education helps resident physicians learn to provide the highest quality, compassionate care aligned with Bon Secours' faith-based values. Dozens of new primary care physicians will complete the program, with many choosing to stay in the Upstate to build their practices.

The entire Greenville community benefits from having adequate numbers of skilled, experienced doctors to help patients manage their health and chronic diseases for years to come.


GME Program Investments

Community support is vital in funding costs for launching GME program

Launching a new accredited residency physician training program requires significant investment in startup costs. Charitable gifts for the GME Campaign will help bridge the gap between limited federal funding and actual expenses required to create and maintain the program. Initial needs include:

  • Facilities and learning spaces for GME program
    • Simulation lab
    • Working spaces within hospitals
    • Classrooms
    • Computers
    • Conference rooms
    • Lounge
    • Resident on-call rooms
  • Scholarships and fellowships to recruit the nation's best medical residents
  • Endowed positions for clinical faculty

Dr. Bruce Swords

Chief Medical Officer 
Bon Secours St. Francis 
Greenville, SC 

Amid the growing shortage of physicians, we must produce more doctors in the Upstate. Our GME program will provide teaching, promote research knowledge, shape attitudes, and provide skills critical to becoming future leaders in medicine who are worthy of our community’s trust.

Blueprint of new graduate medical education wing.
Conceptual rendering of the floor plan and GME student area

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Erik Whaley, CFRE



Reed Cole

Senior Gift Officer