Invest in the Best 

Ensure people have opportunities to thrive at Bon Secours St. Francis

Opportunities to learn, grow and manage their wellbeing make our medical professionals the heart of great health care

Training, recognition and wellness programs help people flourish at Bon Secours St. Francis

Being the best and brightest at delivering the life-saving care you depend on is our team's calling. But the stresses of the health care profession can take a toll. The Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation depends on donor support for the following programs that focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of our doctors, nurses and other medical team members.

Your gift for educational and wellbeing opportunities is an investment in the people who care for you and your loved ones today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Dr. H. Earle Russell, Jr. Physician & Associate Wellness Fund

The fast pace and life-or-death situations make health care one of the most stressful professions. With your support, Bon Secours provides programs that help our physicians and employees manage stress, improve their physical wellbeing and maintain good mental health. When you donate to this fund, you show caring kindness for the doctors, nurses and medical professionals that care for you and your loved ones.

The fund was established in memory of Dr. H. Earle Russell, Jr. by his wife, Sally, and their children to to help other physicians and clinicians address mental health concerns before they succumb to the pressures of their occupation.

Care for the Caregivers

Your gift ensures mental health services for the doctors and nurses that care for you

Cliff & Jane Roy Nursing Engagement Fund

Named in memory of a long-serving St. Francis board member and in honor of his wife, this fund began with gifts from their son and daughter to improve the vocation of nursing through engagement activities for nurses. Donations will provide education, awards and recognition as well as other programs to keep nurses engaged with the culture of our health care ministry at Bon Secours.

Celebrate Nurses

Your gift strengthens our nursing workforce at Bon Secours St. Francis

Christy Henson Orthopedic Fund

Named in memory of a beloved orthopedic nurse who died of cancer, the Christy Henson Orthopedic Fund supports any emerging equipment and tangible needs that improve the quality of orthopedic care for patients. Donations also support the orthopedic services staff by providing training and professional development, wellness programs and social interactions for mental wellbeing.

Pay it Forward

Ensure the best medical team and orthopedic care are available for patients

Project SEARCH

Donations designated for Project SEARCH provide more internship opportunities than ever for students with disabilities, as the in-demand program continues to expand. These young adults learn relevant, marketable skills during their internship at Bon Secours St. Francis. Between 80 and 100 percent of Project SEARCH students find employment by the time they graduate from the program.

Your gift helps maintain the Joseph J. Pazdan Project SEARCH Center where interns participate in classroom and skill training, as well as costs for the program, equipment, computers and transportation.

Make a Difference

Support a bright future for Greenville students with disabilities

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Graduate Medical Education Physician Residency

Help Bon Secours launch a program to recruit the best and brightest young doctors to Greenville. Donors to the campaign will help build the facilities and faculty for medical residencies in Internal and Family Medicine, ensuring our growing community has highly skilled physicians for years to come.