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Donations help women get the prenatal care and parenting support they need so more babies can celebrate their first birthday

Most of us don't think twice about going to the doctor for check-ups or when we're feeling ill. But many women in Cincinnati can't get to a doctor when it's most needed, even throughout their pregnancy. Mercy Health depends on donors like you to help women and newborns access medical care and other support services that keep them healthy. Read below to see the programs you can support.

Perinatal Outreach Program

As part of Mercy Health's Community Health initiatives, donations support perinatal outreach services that help ensure women and babies are healthy before, during and after birth. Cincinnati has one of the nation's highest infant mortality rates, especially among African Americans, with approximately 100 babies dying before their first birthday each year. And Black women are more than twice as likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth complications.

Mercy Health depends on donors like you to help women get the care they need for their own health and their baby's health. These are just a few services made possible by donations:

  • Help for housing, food and employment opportunities 
  • Access to health insurance and healthcare services (obstetrician, mental health, dental, vision, primary care and pediatrician)
  • Help finding transportation to medical appointments
  • Diapers, wipes, pack ‘n plays and other baby care items
  • Advice and support for healthy eating, tobacco cessation, breastfeeding, safe sleep practices, pregnancy spacing and more

Give for Healthy Babies

Ensure care and support that saves lives of moms and babies

Health Partnership Program

Thanks to donations, Mercy Health offers this program for people who are working but don't have medical insurance or can't afford the out-of-pocket costs for health care. Many physician offices across three counties in the Cincinnati area partner with us to treat program participants for a modest co-pay. Patients can even get their medications filled for a small cost. The Health Partnership Program connects people with their own primary care physician so they don't delay the care they need or depend on the Emergency Department as their primary source of health care.

The program is staffed by licensed social workers that help patients in need navigate the health care landscape to find the resources and care they need. By addressing the social determinants of health—basic needs like food and housing—people can begin to prioritize their health.

Stand Together for Those in Need

Give affordable health care for the uninsured

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You help Kayla get the support she needs for her children

When Kayla Brooks was expecting her fourth child, she had no idea your donations generously funded a brand-new program that was ready to provide her some much-needed support. Your gift to the Perinatal Outreach Program helps Kayla provide a healthier future for her children.