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With your help, West Baltimore residents can learn vital skills for their financial and career success

Donations to the Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation help people develop skills to get a job, advance in a career and make smart choices for long-term financial stability and independence. 

Several programs are available, thanks to our donors, that help people on the path to success and a better lifestyle.

Financial Literacy Training

As part of Financial Services and assistance provided by Bon Secours Community Works, people can participate in Financial Literacy workshops that help them with skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions. 

The donor-supported curriculum gives individuals a better understanding of budgeting, savings, investments, debt, credit scores, tax preparation and other important financial concepts. Better financial literacy can help reduce poverty and improve financial stability, positively impacting individuals and strengthening the entire community. 

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Help people in West Baltimore improve their financial stability

Career Development

Bon Secours Community Works offers a number of programs to help people learn in-demand skills and gain work experience that will help them secure employment and career growth. Job placement services help people search and apply for work opportunities. 

Because of donations, these services are available to help people become more financially independent and improve quality of life for themselves and their families. Some of the career development resources available to West Baltimore residents include:

  • Healthcare training and certifications
  • Clean & Green Workforce Training for landscaping and gardening skills
  • Occupational training and job placement

Invest in Success

Help people develop new skills for better employment

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