Meet Amanda Barlow


Meet Amanda Barlow

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Bon Secours - Greenville, SC

Your gifts mean that Amanda has a wig to help her feel more like herself during cancer treatments

Amanda Barlow loved her hair. She says, without a doubt, that losing her long, beautiful hair has been the hardest part of battling cancer. But donors like you helped make that loss a little bit more bearable.

“Not being able to style my hair has been really hard for me,” she says. “It used to be my defining point. I used to be a hair stylist so I would change my hair up all the time.”

Thanks to your generous donations, Amanda was able to take advantage of the Wigged Out Wednesday Program at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. The program provides cancer patients with wigs and advice from stylists. For Amanda, finding the right wig made her feel more hopeful.


“To have that support in getting through this and having more confidence, I think it’s one of the best things that women can have.”


“As soon as I put it on, everyone said it looked perfect,” she says. “They were super supportive when I found the one that looked good on me.”

Now, Amanda has a way to feel more like her old self. She is grateful that your donations support the “Wigged Out Wednesday” program.

“I got the wig in November and was able to wear it for the holidays and all the parties. I wear it to work when we have guests in the office,” she says. “I am extremely grateful that there is a program that can help women like me feel more beautiful while going through treatments.”