Meet Vanessa Grimsley

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Mercy Health - Lima, OH

Vanessa can afford to improve her diet and lose weight, thanks to you

Vanessa Grimsley’s doctor was concerned about her weight, high cholesterol and risk for diabetes. Vanessa knew the answer was a change in her diet, but she just didn’t have the budget for healthier foods.

“I had to retire early after back surgery, so all I get now is disability,” she says. “I couldn’t afford what I needed to eat healthy.”

Vanessa’s doctor recommended the Mercy Health Green Rx program which, thanks to Mercy Health Foundation donors like you, give Vanessa and others access to healthy foods from the West Ohio Food Bank.


“The things I get, I can prepare in a way that is best for me to eat. Before, what I could afford was stuff that was bad for my health. God bless your heart for the compassion you have for people like me.”


Vanessa’s new diet has drastically improved her health and outlook on life. She is looking forward to pursuing more of her creative passions like braiding hair, painting and sewing. She even hopes to open a childcare center in the future. She knows that her future is brighter because of you and the Green Rx program.

“Before, I didn’t feel good and I was sick. I changed what I ate and got back to exercising. Now I’ve lost 43 pounds of fat and I feel healthier. I can breathe better.”