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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

You helped Chloe find her career passion while helping people with substance abuse issues

When Chloe Caplinger was in her final semester working toward a degree in advanced medical imaging, she realized she wanted to do more. Because of you, a volunteer program at Mercy Health inspired Chloe to pursue a career in rural medicine.

Donations to the Foundation support Mercy Serves, a partnership with AmeriCorps that places volunteers like Chloe alongside nurses, social workers and other caregivers in Mercy Health emergency departments. They provide patient education, substance use risk screening, emotional support and referrals to treatment and social services.


“I was really excited to apply and serve my community. I’ve seen how stigmatized substance-use disorder is, but everyone knows someone who is affected by it.”


Your gifts help fund the program that aims to prevent and reduce substance abuse and opioid use in our community while providing meaningful experiences for volunteers.

Chloe describes her time in the program as “transformative” and she is grateful for the donors who made it possible. You gave Chloe up-close-and-personal experience with a diverse mix of patients, solidifying her career choice.

“Being from Clermont County, I’m really very interested in rural medicine,” says Chloe. “I’m going to be a physician assistant. I know how important it is to have caring, compassionate, intelligent medical professionals. Learning about the experiences of the patients we serve has been a blessing.”

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Mercy Serves boosted Chloe's confidence and helped her find her passion

Listen to Chloe herself describe her experience with Mercy Serves and why she thinks the program is deserving of your support.