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Mercy Health - Lima, OH

Thanks to you, Kevin got fast, life-saving treatment for a stroke

During a family gathering on Palm Sunday, Kevin Buettner started feeling a bit dizzy, and just not quite right. His family knew something was wrong when he asked them to call for an ambulance. Kevin was having a stroke as he was rushed to the hospital.

“Everything got worse during the ride,” he said. “I don’t remember much after that, but when it comes to a stroke, timing is everything. It really worked out for me.”

Your support of neuroscience services at Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center not only saved Kevin’s life with immediate treatment, but it also helped him bounce back quickly.

Kevin’s children, Collin Buettner and Monica Simpson, want you to know how grateful they are for your contributions.


“I’m extremely thankful for so many people, from the paramedics to the ER team, to all of the nurses and doctors who helped and got him into surgery.”


“The care my father received was phenomenal, and I’m so proud of him for fighting every day,” said Collin.

“There are no words that could ever express how grateful I am for the team that saved my dad’s life,” Monica added. “Not only physically, but for giving me back my dad the way he has always been.”