Meet Megan Conner


Meet Megan Conner

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Mercy Health - Lima, OH

Megan and Ben’s children were born healthy thanks to the Special Care Nursery that you support

Megan Conner chose Mercy Health - St. Rita's Medical Center for the birth of her first child. Looking back, she's very glad she did. Thanks to you, St. Rita's Special Care Nursery was prepared to care for Megan's newborn when he was born with medical concerns.

“When my son Bensen was born, I had this idea of how it was all supposed to happen,” Megan says. “As a first-time mom, when your baby is whisked away, you are in a state of confusion and feel lost.”

The team in the Special Care Nursery made all the difference. They reassured her that Bensen was getting the best care possible even after she, herself, was able to go home.


“They turned something that could have been so negative, into such a positive experience.”


“The specialized care they give to children and comfort they provide to families is so important to us. I get very emotional just talking about it,” she says.

Megan and her husband Ben are especially grateful for your support of the Special Care Nursery. Benson was not the only Conner child to benefit from you giving. Their two daughters also spent time in the Special Care Nursery when they were born.

“We want donors to know how important your gift is to families like us who have to leave their little ones behind when they leave the hospital,” Megan says. “They really are helping support the most precious lives in the hospital.”