Deborah’s Story

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Because of you, renovations to the St. Mary's Chapel have made it a haven for all

Patients, families and staff have a new connection to the Holy Spirit during a time when it is needed the most, thanks to your support.

As Volunteer Coordinator at St. Mary’s Hospital, Deborah Walkuw regularly sits at the desk of the surgical waiting area, where families and friends congregate as they await news of their loved ones’ procedures. From that desk, Deborah has seen a lot.

But, when your generous donations made renovations to the hospital’s chapel space possible last year, Deborah saw something quite surprising.


“The brand-new stained glass was put in the chapel last summer and I don’t think anybody realized the impact that the light and the sunshine would have. When that sunshine comes in, the entire chapel lights up. It’s unbelievable.”


Deborah said the new lights now serve as a beacon.

“A lot of people will be drawn to that. I’ve watched so many people just stand there and stare in for long moments,” she said. “Some people won’t go into the chapel because they don’t want to miss the call from me, so they’ll get down on their knees outside the chapel. It’s pretty amazing—I love watching that.”

During 2020, Deborah said she has watched as more and more staff members are seeking solace in the chapel.

“We’ve been going through tough times for the last eight months at the hospital,” she said.

Deborah says she’s tremendously grateful for the donor support that allowed the chapel to be renovated with such care.