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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Your donations purchased UV sanitizing lights that kill coronavirus, much to Alison's relief

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to quickly make hospital rooms ready and available for new patients took on more urgency.

Your donations made that possible by purchasing new ultraviolet lights that take sanitizing rooms used for isolation patients to a new level of cleanliness. This technology works in combination with manual cleaning done by the housekeeping staff and can sanitize the rooms in mere minutes.

Alison Connor, a manager with the Environmental Service Department at Mercy Health's West Hospital, said these lights give both staff and patients peace of mind when the hospital is dealing with a highly contagious disease like COVID-19.

“The sanitizing UV lights are a critical tool for us,” she said. “Once the team finishes cleaning the room after a patient has been discharged, we set them up and expose as many surfaces as possible.”


“Thank you to our donors. The nurses know that if a room has been used for a patient in isolation, it may take longer to clean but that it’s worth the extra time. These tools help us prepare hospital rooms faster, which means we can admit those critical patients to the hospital much more quickly.”


“It is an added level of cleaning on top of what the housekeepers are able to do," Alison said. “We use the lights for any rooms where a patient has been in isolation, so it is particularly important with the coronavirus.”

Your generous gift has allowed the Foundation to purchase eight of these lights for Mercy Health hospitals throughout the Cincinnati area to improve patient care and safety.