Sandra’s Story

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Bon Secours - Hampton Roads, VA

Your gift means The Women’s Imaging Center has the latest equipment to monitor Sandra’s health

Ever since donor-funded 3D mammography detected Sandra Fuller’s breast cancer, she has trusted the Women’s Imaging Center to monitor her health.

Her cancer was caught early and she was able to make a full recovery. Now she turns to the Women’s Imaging Center with the latest equipment to keep her overall health in check. New bone density equipment was recently purchased with the help of donations, so tests can measure the strength of Sandra’s bones.

“The first time I had a bone density test, I thought it was going to be invasive, but I got to the Women’s Imaging Center, and it was so easy,” she said. “I’m very comfortable when I go over there.”


“I appreciate everything they have done. I was so thankful they had all the donations to help people like me."

The Women's Imaging Center puts you first.

Sandra is grateful to the care team at the Women's Imaging Center.

State-of-the-art equipment is just one reason to love the Women's Imaging Center.


Sandra can now focus on her overall health.

Sandra is grateful to you for providing the 3D mammography and bone density screening technology to keep her and others like her healthy.

It’s good to know there are organizations and people who care about those they’ve never met before, and their main concern is just helping women who need it.

Your generosity provided life-changing care

We sat down with Sandra to discuss her story. Hear about her experience in her own words and the difference made by the technology provided by your donations.