Meet Lexi & Sharon

Make an Impact

Bon Secours - Greenville, SC

Lexi now has the skills to achieve her dreams thanks to your support for Project SEARCH

Thanks to donor support of Project SEARCH, Lexi Lewis works for a local grocery logistics company. She assesses materials for quality, a role that is critical to the bottom-line of the company. But this wasn't always the case.

Lexi lives with a hearing impairment that impacts her educational and career opportunities. And she still has dreams and aspirations for her own life. “Lexi’s goal has always been to live independently,” says her mom, Sharon. “She wants to have an apartment and a car. That's not possible without a full-time job.”

Donors helped Project SEARCH recently renovate existing office space into a world-class, interactive learning environment. The Joseph J. Pazdan Project SEARCH Center helps more young people like Lexi begin their careers, thanks to you.


“Lexi had some employment skills, but Project SEARCH solidified them. It increased her confidence because she learned how to problem solve, take chances and persevere.”


Sharon is grateful for Project SEARCH, and all the ways it has helped her daughter. “I don’t think there’s any way that Lexi could have gotten this job if she’d not had the training through Project SEARCH,” she says.

Because of her daughter's hearing impairment, Lexi had to work hard at language development to be successful in her new job.

“She learned how to communicate with other employees when there wasn’t someone there to interpret. She had to learn to push through and find ways to communicate,” Sharon says. “It was an incredible experience that let Lexi's abilities shine.”