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Your generosity helped Jean acquire the skills necessary to leading a fulfilling life

For Bob and Barbara Knight, watching their daughter, Jean, approach adulthood filled them with a unique level of anxiety. Fortunately for the Knight Family, your donations help support Project SEARCH, which provides internships for students with disabilities.

“All parents of children with disabilities are most fearful of what their child is going to do as an adult,” Bob says of his daughter as she finishes up high school. “Jean needed a place to go every day and feel like she’s contributing to something greater than herself.”

During her Project SEARCH internship, Jean spent nine months with Bon Secours St. Francis employees in a health care setting under trained supervision.


“This gave her a chance to learn,” Bob says. “She has a high degree of confidence that she can do a job well and take direction from others. I attribute virtually all of that to Project SEARCH.”


Jean used those skills to get a job with the Greenville County EMS Service, providing supplies and office management to help emergency personnel.

“She loves it—she’s happy to go to work every day and happy when she comes home,” Bob says. “We are pretty confident that it is going to pay dividends for decades to come in her life and certainly in the lives of other kids as well.”

Bob and Barbara are grateful that your donation provided the Project SEARCH opportunity for their daughter.

Jean Knight with her parents, Bob and Barbara, outside the Project SEARCH Center

The Knight family at the Greenville County EMS Service station, where Jean works

Jean shows off supplies she manages at the Greenville County EMS Service station

Jean shows off equipment she manages at the Greenville County EMS Service station

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You helped transform Jean's life

Your donations ensure that Bon Secours St. Francis Foundation can support causes such as Project SEARCH. Hear about Project SEARCH directly from graduate, Jean Knight, and her mother, Barbara.