Peggy’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Peggy gives so that everyone has access to the best hospital in the city

Peggy Greenburg is an active member of The Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health’s auxiliary. Peggy and the volunteer team have a passion for giving back to a hospital that has been an important part of their lives.


“I delivered both of my daughters here. They go out of their way to create a healthy and positive experience for everyone, which can actually help in your recovery.”


The auxiliary members selflessly give their time and money to make sure their hospital is the best in Cincinnati—especially when it comes to cancer care.

“Cancer is so depressing,” she said. “We need hospitals like this that truly care about people and make compassionate cancer care a priority. It’s important for everyone to support them in any way we can.”

A woman sits on a stone bench in the sun.
Peggy Greenburg sits in a peaceful spot in the sunshine.