Meet Earl Gordon

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Irvine, KY

Earl is standing tall because you support Mercy Health Marcum and Wallace Hospital's Outpatient Infusion Clinic

Earl Willis believes your support of the Outpatient Infusion Clinic at Mercy Health Marcum and Wallace Hospital saved his leg. The clinic specializes in wound care and the staff were able to find the cause of Earl's troubles.

Earl knew something was wrong with his legs. He was experiencing chronic pain and the sores around one of his ankles didn't ever seem to heal. Because of you, the pain is gone and so are his wounds.

"They discovered that my artery was stopped up. The reason that the sores weren't healing is because the blood wasn't getting down there," Earl says.


“If it hadn’t been for the clinic, I think I would have lost my leg. I’m thankful for the care and for them making the effort to find out what was causing my problems.”


Earl had a stent put in his artery to open the blood flow to his legs and he immediately started feeling better. Your gift enables the clinic to provide these vital services to patients like Earl without being admitted into the hospital.

Having a local clinic for wound care is a big advantage for patients like Earl. He lives in Irvine, about 5 miles from the clinic. If Marcum and Wallace didn’t provide wound care, he would have to go to Lexington, about an hour away.

“The staff was good, really nice, and the care was excellent,” says Earl, who is fully disabled due to back trouble. “They even sent me bandages and medicine for the sores. There’s no way I could have bought that myself.”