Diane’s Story

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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

You helped Diane get a mammogram by supporting our convenient mobile mammography van

Diane Coletta’s primary care doctor was concerned she hadn’t had a mammogram in over a decade. Getting regular breast cancer screenings seemed like a hassle, so she kept putting it off.

After Diane learned about Mercy Health’s donor-funded mobile mammography van, convincing her to have the screening was simple.

“My doctor mentioned the convenience because it was going to be right outside her office,” she recalls.

Diane’s doctor’s office scheduled her appointment and she was able to receive her mammogram on-site that day, without the need for an extra phone call or a return visit.


“It went very smoothly and I got it right away. It just seemed a lot less intrusive than going somewhere where you have to check in and wait.”


“I wouldn’t have had this done if it hadn’t been as easy in the mammo van,” Diane says.

Mobile mammography is possible thanks to your generous donations. Diane says she is grateful her mobile mammography experience was convenient and compassionate. Without your support, she admits she might have waited many more years before getting the important test she needed.