Meet Beverly Jones

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Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Beverly’s breast cancer was found early, thanks to your gift for the mobile mammography unit

For Beverly Jones, your gift means she can easily get her annual mammogram because Mercy Health’s mobile mammography unit makes it so convenient. And that convenience likely saved Beverly’s life!

Your donation supports the mammography van that is deployed from  Mercy Health's Jewish Hospital into the community. The mammography van even comes to Beverly’s workplace. “I just walk outside and then I’m right back to work,” she explained.

Beverly has dense breast tissue and her mammograms often need another look. But last year was different. The mammography tech kept rescanning her right breast, even more times than normal. She was called to The Jewish Hospital for more testing. An ultrasound showed something suspicious. Beverly needed a biopsy.

Soon after, she received the news that she had breast cancer and would need surgery to remove the tumor.


“The mammography van is definitely something that donors need to keep funding. It saves people’s lives. I honestly believe it saved mine.”


“My surgeon was extremely impressed that the tech saw what she saw [on the mammogram],” explained Beverly. “It was a very small tumor. If she hadn’t seen it, it would have had another whole year to grow.”

Thanks to your generosity which provided the technology that found Beverly’s cancer in its earliest stage, she is now back to normal. She’s grateful and relieved that her surgery and radiation are behind her and that chemo isn’t necessary.

“To my way of feeling, they saved me,” Beverly said. “Donors made my journey a lot easier and a lot quicker because they found [the cancer] so soon.”