Daphne Tirey’s Story

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Bon Secours - Greenville, SC

You helped Daphne get a lifesaving mammogram close to her home

Your support of Bon Secours St. Francis mobile mammography vans isn’t just about providing a convenience, it’s about saving lives.

When Daphne Tirey first came to South Carolina, she had to drive 40 minutes each way for her annual exams. She missed having a mobile mammography option. When she lived in Georgia, she always liked how the mobile units provided more privacy.

“I was in my primary care doctor’s office near my home when I saw a notice about the van,” Daphne says. “It was parked right outside the offices—it couldn’t have been easier.”

A patient stands with a nurse inside a mobile mammography coach, next to the mammography machine.
“A lot of people may not have the ability to get to Greenville or may not have a vehicle. The mammography van is a big benefit and may be the deciding factor for some to get a mammogram. For me it was a literal lifesaver.”


In December, Daphne’s mammogram from the mobile mammography unit revealed a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She started treatment right away with a round of chemotherapy. She will soon have surgery, and then another round of chemotherapy.

Even with everything ahead of her, Daphne is very appreciative for Bon Secours St. Francis donors like you, who provided her with access to the mobile mammography equipment that discovered her breast cancer.