Dr. Patel’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Lima, OH

You help Dr. Patel take health care from the hospital into neighborhoods across Lima

Improving community health in a region the size of Greater Lima requires an all-hands-on-deck approach and an openness to collaboration. Most importantly, it needs leaders.

Dr. Jaymin Patel is one such leader. As a resident, he is coordinating Mercy Health’s mobile clinic partnership with ONU HealthWise, the health and wellness initiative of Ohio Northern University. Mercy Health has added family medicine and internal medicine residents to the program, drastically increasing the services the mobile clinic provides for the poor and uninsured, and for those without transportation.

“We are only 10-20% off from being a fully functional clinic,” says Patel. “In only three months, the strides we have made have been giant leaps.”


“The Foundation’s donors are instrumental in giving us the tools needed to make a more robust and comprehensive clinic.”


Dr. Patel credits donors to the Mercy Health Foundation Greater Lima for the transformation. In medical school, he was in charge of a free clinic staffed by physicians, pharmacists, social workers and even childcare professionals, so he understands the funding required to operate this vital community health resource.

Dr. Patel’s passion for service-oriented care is what got him interested in medicine in the first place, so he was eager to find opportunities to do the same here at Mercy Health.

“It makes me feel phenomenal. The Mercy Health family has been so amazing—a lot of good people getting together and doing good things in the name of service,” he says.