Meet Craig Guess

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Paducah, KY

Craig gives because he's proud to call Mercy Health Lourdes his hometown hospital

Craig Guess traces his love for Mercy Health Lourdes all the way back to childhood and his first surgery. Since then, Craig says Lourdes has been "his hospital."

“It’s who knows me,” he says of the care he receives there.

When an opportunity arose for him to join the Foundation board, Craig happily took on the responsibility.


“Being able to support human life and people in need, no matter where they are from or where they are going, is important. The Foundation is the perfect way to do those types of things.”


Craig is especially proud of the Foundation’s recent purchase of cold cap technology to help cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy.

“There was a lot of pride in knowing a small thing the Foundation did can make a difference in an individual’s treatment and make them a little more comfortable.”