Janet Reid’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Janet gives to support Mercy Health’s faith-based mission of caring for people in your community

Janet Reid is a local business leader, but for two decades she’s also supported Mercy Health in her community by serving on leadership committees and through giving regular donations to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Cincinnati. She believes in the mission wholeheartedly.

“I know of the good work, the mission and the importance of bringing good health to our community and looking after the underserved, the poor and the dying,” she says. “I have full confidence that Mercy carries out that mission in its actions.”


“I know where the dollars are going, and I’m confident that it’s providing the help that our communities need.”


For Janet, the fact that Mercy Health is a faith-based organization is central to the good works they do.

“We have to be good stewards of donations because we have a higher entity that we report to,” she says. “That higher purpose is something we take seriously and it propels us to do extra-special work in the projects right here in your community.”