Barbara Begley’s Story

Make an Impact

Mercy Health - Cincinnati, OH

Barbara gives to do whatever she can to help other people

Barbara Begley gives to Mercy Health Foundation Greater Cincinnati to say “thank you” for the extraordinary bedside manner her husband receives from Mercy Health staff.

Barbara has seen it first-hand as the primary caregiver for her husband, Dick, who is facing the effects of Parkinson’s disease.


“I think we have to do whatever we can to help other people. I give because of the care we receive. I just wish I could do more.”


“He’s been in the hospital so much lately. He gets confused sometimes, and it isn’t always easy to care for him,” Barbara says. “But the nurses are just great. They take everything with a grain of salt.”

From the valet parking attendants who allow her to remain by Dick’s side, to the personal phone calls she receives from his doctors, to all of the incredible nurses, Barbara feels the compassionate care all around her.